Tracking your player on the Explore Outlands Map using the Partner Application is extremely quick and easy and uses almost no extra PC resources!

To get started:
If your guildies and friends are also using the Explore Outlands Partner Application you can make unique groups to see each other. You can create a new group with any name and share it with your friends and guildies to enter into their Partner Application. There is even a button to create a super secure hash as a name if you are not feeling creative or want extra security.

How To Create A New Group:
The decoded map assistant feature was built to help new and veteran players quickly find their decoded map locations.

How To Use This Feature:
Explore Outlands tries to keep the map de-cluttered as possible. Here is a quick legend of what each button does:

Explore Outlands was created to help assist players within the Outlands universe, but is in no way affiliated with Outlands or any of it's staff. It is built as a third-party tool to help exploring and learning new things.
Explore Outlands takes user privacy extremely seriously and in doing so has reflected this in writting the Website and Partner Application.
Here is a list of items and technology used:

Partner Application:
The technology built to render the map is actively being worked on (I am sure you have noticed some bugged locations). We are actively updating the map when we have made enough progress towards the technology. After that we will be updating the map every time new features are added by the Outlands Staff.
Explore Outlands is currently under active development with a growing list of features still needing to be added. If at any time you want to see how you can help or just say thanks. Feel fre to contact Manik#5761 on discord or just Manik through the Outlands discord channel.